Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Intro Horse

 I've seen a L. Williams do this post a while ago and decided to answer just the first question so you all can see how I first got into horses.

The Intro Horse
We each came into horses in our own way, but it was always with a horse leading us. This might have been a friend's first pony, or perhaps it was a draft horse on a farm you first visited. It may have been a real-life meeting, or an imaginary one. I was escorted by the Black, Walter Farley's star horse in the Black Stallion series...

  I first got into horses a long time ago, when I was about six or seven years old. Before that, the only horses I liked were My Little Ponies, and I never really though much about real horses. My transition from liking those to liking the real thing probably happened due to several factors. My mom had ridden horses when she was younger and told me all about her experiences, how she volunteered after school to groom horses and muck stalls, then took a lesson. It was around that time I remember watching the Black Stallion TV series. I loved it, and the Black Stallion drew me to even more horses: Black Beauty, Spirit(from Spirit: Stallion the Cimarron), over a dozen different Breyer horses, and eventually to where I am today as a hopelessly horse-crazy girl. Along the way I have taken a 2 to 3 year hiatus from being horse crazy, returning only just this March, when the feeling steadily increased to what it is now. 
I have no passion for anything other than horses.

 At this point, I'll never turn back. Horses are my passion. They make me who I am today, and I can't imagine a time when I won't love horses. There are times when the feeling of wanting a horse is almost overwhelming. I want to work with horses when I grow up–own a rescue for ex-racehorses, where I will rehabilitate them and set them up for adoption.

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