Monday, November 4, 2013

Riding Lesson Pictures

I have lots of pictures from Saturday's lesson, so I'm am only posting some of the best. Click here to read about my lesson.
Leading Reno to the barn.
Grooming Reno
Picking his hooves
Putting on his boots
Here I am learning how to put a bridle on.
In this one I am just mounting. I used a large mounting block to get on
more easily.
Now I am heading to the arena, that fenced off area to the right(it's kind of hard
to see). The white building is the barn.
I'm in the arena now. 
Here I am practicing turning.
In this last picture, I am beginning my trail ride to cool Reno down after the lesson.
I had two cross to bridges as I circled around the barn and one of the pastures.


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