Monday, November 18, 2013

"Buck" Movie Review

 Last week I ordered the movie "Buck," which several people have recommended to me. It came the other day and I was finally able to watch it after school today. I love it!

 The documentary is about Buck Brannaman, an amazing horse trainer, who learned from Ray Hunt, another equally amazing trainer. He does natural horsemanship, a training method in which the trainer tries to think like the horse and be gentle yet firm with him. He had an abusive childhood and now tries to understand horses and get them past their problem rather than breaking them with force and fear like some cowboys do. He says that he, "helps horses with people problems."

 Throughout the documentary, Buck worked with many horses at many different clinics throughout the United States. He started colts and explained his training methods. It's amazing what he can do with horses; some people call him the real-life "horse whisperer."
Buck at one of his clinics. credit

 Several people who have been to his clinics talk about him throughout the documentary, saying what their first impression was and what they now think about him. I would recommend this movie to anyone wanting to learn more about Buck Brannaman, his training methods, and his experiences with different horses and different clinics. Someday I hope to go to on of his clinics. That would be awesome.


  1. He's an amazing trainer, one of the best out there. I have a half-written review on this documentary, lol! It was fantastic.

    1. I love what he does with horses! It's awesome.

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