Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm Back

I know I have been gone for a long time, but I have been very busy with school. I have been studying the IB program, which takes so much time; it is an intense program.  Also I have not yet been able to ride yet here in Sweden.  However I am looking into a place and will try to begin to soon! I even have a friend here who used to ride, but he does not anymore because of how busy he has been with school.  Still, it is fun to know a guy who has some common interests.

These past few months I have tried several new things, including learning hip hop and Arabic dance and training jujutsu. I have been working on a dance choreography and I'll post the video once we complete it! The jujutsu instructor has been impressed with my strength and how quickly I learning, and I am convinced that part of this comes from riding horses.  It is fun to learn to fight and to defend myself.  My instructor thinks I can graduate to my first belt, the yellow, by summer!

Anyways I hope the riding stable works out. It will only be once a week with how busy I am with school and with how far away the place is, but it will be a lot easier to travel to sicne I can take the train and the bus on my own.  I'll try to post more often, even if it is not completely horse related!