Thursday, August 18, 2016

I'm Still Alive, and I'm Starting School

I haven't been posting on the blog much because I still haven't found riding opportunities since I'm still not completely settled in yet(I don't move into an apartment with my family until October).  Once I do, however, I'm sure I will find riding opportunities.  There are many lesson barns in Sweden, and the landlord's daughter rides horses.  It's frustrating not riding, but I have enough keeping me busy these next few months.

On Monday, I start school.  I will be attending a school called Per Brahegymnasiet, which was built in the year 1283.  It is a beautiful old building that has a magical feel to it because of its age, as if it were Hogwarts.

There I will be studying full IB.  IB classes are international classes that are at an international standard; they are typically more challenging than regular classes.  All the classes will be in English, but I'm am taking a Swedish as a second language class as well.  In addition to that, I will be taking English at a Higher Level, History, Physics at a Higher Level, Advanced Mathematics at a Higher Level, and Chemistry.

I'm focusing heavily on math and science because I someday hope to study astrophysics or quantum physics at university and work as a researcher to discover new information about these fields of work.  Learning about how the world works truly fascinates me. I find these things - events that happen on the largest scale, way out in space, and the things that happen on the most minute scale within the atom - truly extraordinary.

I'm looking forward to classes. I'll endeavor to keep this blog active, even though I do not have horse information to post about.