I interview different equestrians for my blog, including race trainers, horse rescues, riders, and more, so I could learn more about them and what they do, whether it be their riding or career or both. There are so many interesting horse people in the world to interview, so when one catches my eye, I just ask him/her for an interview. Below are the interviews I have done so far. If you have anyone in mind that you would like me to interview, please let me know! I interview all kinds of horse people.

Race Trainer and Dressage Jodi Perkins
OTTB Trainer Lynn Reardon from LOPE
U.S. Dressage Final Rider Laura Hermanson--First to Ever Compete There on a Mule
Laurie Canty: Event/OTTB Trainer
Equine Bodyworker Loni Langdon
Eventing 25 Rider Bailey Moran

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