When I'm not riding, I often love to draw and paint horses. These are my original works, so do not use them on your own website although is is fine to share on Facebook and other social media as long as you keep the watermark on the picture and link it back to this page. The works are in the order that I made them.
Arabian, complete 8-29-13

Whirlaway, completed 6-10-13
Citation, completed 6-5-13

Sir Barton, 1919 Triple Crown winner, completed 5-25-13

Seattle Slew, 1977 triple Crown winner

Count Fleet, completed 6-7-13

Assault, completed 6-6-13

Omaha, completed 6-13-13

Dressage horse, completed on 4-17-13
Dun mustang, completed of 4-22-13


Gallant Fox

Sarah and Bohemian from Eventing in Color

Aimee and Courage from Sprinkler Bandits.

Boyd Martin and Shamwari, made September 2014

Another of Boyd Martin and Shamwari, also made September 2014

January 2015

American Pharoah, completed June 2015

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  1. Fantastic and dreamy! You should open an account on Etsy- I would love to purchase a watercolor from you.


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