Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 I meant to post this yesterday, but didn't have time, so here are some pictures from my lesson.
Look at all that dust! He's a dirty pony. 
Reno, you're so cute.
I learned how to do circles.
In this picture Meghan is discussing the 2-point with me.
In this picture, I think I was trying to feel Reno's movements
with my eyes closed to help me with posting.
Heading toward the exit of the arena.
At the end of the lesson, we hit the trail to cool down.


  1. You look great!!! It's fun to see the different ways of teaching. I didn't take lessons because there are really zero good trainers around here and since my mother is a great rider, along with other friends who are professionals, I just learned as I went along. It's awesome getting to see you learn! When do you think you'll be able to buy your own horse?

    1. Sometimes you don't need to hire an instructor when you have so many experts willing to help all around you. I'm saving money for my horse, so hopefully I'll be able to buy one next year.


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