Friday, December 13, 2013

Some are Jumpers; Others are Painters

 Metro Meteor is the popular OTTB who paints. Before retiring from racing due osteoarthritis in his knees, he won eight races and earned $300,000. Upon his retirement, Ron and Wendy Krajewski, who owned shares of horses racing for Renpher Stables, decided to adopt him.
Metro Meteor

 For nearly a year, they rehabilited him and did intensive vet care to aid the recovery of his knees. After nine months, they could ride him, but he could only be worked lightly, so they went on trail ride with him. Fast forward two years, and Metro was having knee problems again. This time, excess bone was growing on his knees. Eventually, his knees could lock up and he would have to be euthanized.

 Despite the pain and stiffening in his knees, Metro kept good spirits. He is a really strong-willed horse, much like other Thoroughbreds.

 One day, Ron noticed that Metro loved to bob his head. He would do it in the stall and any other time he was standing still. An idea struck him. What if he could teach Metro how to paint? Since Metro already bobbed his head as if he was painting, all Ron had to do was teach Metro how to hold a paintbrush. Ron did so, then took Metro in front of a blank canvas, giving him a bursh with paint on it. Metro bobbed his heads, creating a beautiful abstract art. 
Painting a beautiful picture

 The owner of metro's boarding stable set aside Stall 6 for Metro to use as a studio. When a TV crew comes to film, Metro paints either outside or in the indoor arena.

 Therapy using injections that slow the bone growth in Metro's knees have made it capable for him to be lightly ridden. Metro continues to sell his paintings to cover his treatment cost and help other ex-racehorses get a second chance. Metro even has his own website,, as well as a facebook page.

 Also, check out this youtube video of him painting. This horse is awesome!

 *All pictures are courtesy of Metro's website.


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