Friday, December 6, 2013

Five Day Challenge, Day 5

21. Favorite classes to watch
 I love watching jumper classes of all kinds. It's exciting to see the horses soar over a jump, then turn tightly and take off several strides away from the previous jump. Basically, I love all jumper classes. Jumpers amaze me.

I don't know who this is, but this picture is awesome.
22. What's in your cooler at horse shows?
 I don't show yet, but I would probably bring lots of water and, if I am staying there all day, some healthy snacks, such as fruit and sandwiches with lunch meat. Of course, I would bring treats for the horse to eat when we are done.

23. One thing about showing(or riding in general) you wish you could change?
 I would want there to be more English riding shows in my area. Mostly, I hear of rodeos going on nearby, but I have only heard of a few shows with English classes that are nearby us. Maybe if I look around more I'll find one I can go to when I have my own horse and start showing.

24. Your ringside crew
 I don't show yet, but every time I do a lesson my parents are always there, watching. They are very supportive of my riding and I'm sure they'll do the same once I go start showing.

25. Best prizes
 I love any type of prize, no matter what it is. Ribbons are nice, especially if they are blue, but to me the best prize is the fact that I gave it my all and did well.


  1. Not sure where in Cali you live, but there's lots of english in this state! What big town are you near/live in?

  2. I love this challenge! Good answers! You are wise beyond your years! I wish I had more local dressage shows where I live... It is mostly western stuff here too.

  3. I love jumpers too :) Sounds like you have really nice supportive parents!

    1. Yeah. It's really cool that they support my passion.

  4. I am so lucky to have both my parents support my riding. Even though I live in a different city now, they still come to several shows each year!

    1. It's cool that they come to some of your shows. Having supportive parents is great.


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