Friday, December 20, 2013


 Flyinge is a large, well-known equestrian center in Lund, Sweden. They have magnificent warmbloods, many of which can jump up to five feet fences. They have some awesome horses there. Throughout the year, they host clinics and seminars on various disciplines at different levels, and professionals can come and share their knowledge.

 I also noticed that they have a high school program. You can do your regular classes there, and ride at certain times during school hours. Better yet, professional riders come there to train you for elite competitions, so if the A circuit is your goal, you can go there. If you have a horse, you can bring him, but you can also use their school horses, which are fancy warmbloods.

 If you want to be a veterinarian, you can take their science and hippology course. The courses are horse-related, and you learn both science and horse management. Who doesn't want a horse-related class?  When you graduate, you recieve a certificate that you can care for horses.

 It sounds like a great program. Too bad there is not anything like that in America.

Day 7: Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why.
 I have shown so I don''t have any ribbons, but I hope to someday.

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