Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Five Day Challenge, Day 3

 Okay, so since I don't have a horse I'll have to change these questions a little.

11. Find a horse you want to buy and critic it's conformation.
This is Witt's Midway, a Thoroughbred I wanted to buy. First, he has slanted pasterns.  His fetlocks are nice and his cannons are long and straight. The hock and knee are clean, and his upper front legs are straight, while his gaskins are slightly slanted. His shoulder, too, has a bit of a slant to it. His back is straight, as well as his croup. the neck seems a little bit short. 
12. A riding exercise you love
 I really love trotting, which I am working on right now.

13. Grooming routine
 I start by currying the horse to loosen all the dirt. Then, I use the stiff brush to flick it all off. I usually  stop to several times to get the dirt out of the brush before continuing. Next, I pick out hooves, starting with the left front and working my way to the left hind, then the right hind, and then the right front.

14. Three best things about riding
 My favorite thing about riding is horses, because that's the reason I started riding in the first place. I also like the people I meet and doing something I love.

15. Favorite picture of your riding.
I really love this picture of Ginger, a lesson horse, and I.


  1. I love this version of the challenge!

  2. Sorry my questions weren't very non-horse friendly! But I love the way you changed them to work for you!!

    1. That's alright. I had fun coming up with new ones. :)


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