Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Five Day Challenge, Day 4

 Again, I'll change it a little, but that's okay.

16. One thing you would like to change your horse.
 The fact that I don't have one. :)

17. Your future with horses.
 I have a lot of plans about my future with horses. First on my list is to save up to buy a horse of my own. Although I would prefer an OTTB or a Fjord, any breed that is capable of doing show jumping with me is fine. I plan on teaching the horse to jump and going to lots of shows. Once out of college, I'll  buy several acres of land suitable for having horses and start getting racehorses off the track that I can rehabilitate, train, and set up for adoption. While doing this, I want to continue showing with my own horse, hopefully making it to A Circuit shows. Someday, I want to go the Olympics or the WEG. Even if I don't place, I'll be happy just to be there.

18. Worst show ever.
 I don't show, so I haven't had any worst experiences.

19. Favorite horse show venue.
 I've only actually been to one venue, the Fresno Horse Park, so I have nothing to compare it to. Out of the different ones I have heard about or seen on TV, I like the one in Washington, where the WIHS is held.

20. Show day routine.
 Again, I don't show but I'll make one up. I would arrive at the show grounds early so my horse can get used to his surrounds while I get ready to show. Two classes before mine, I would start grooming my horse and tacking him. Then, once the class before mine is almost done, I would begin warming.

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