Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Posting Work

 When I arrived at the barn today, I met Annica and her bay mare, Roxy, We talked a bit, then I went to fetch Reno from his paddock, leading him to a stall that is used from grooming. I brushed him and picked his hooves, which surprisingly were not caked in mud from his water trough. Once I was ready to saddle him, Meghan brought out a dressage saddle rather than the jumping saddle I used in my other lessons. She said the dressage saddle could help me with my posting. I put it on, tightened the girth, and led Reno to the mounting block in the arena.

 Before mounting, I checked his girth. Then I mounted and rode around the arena at the walk to warm Reno up. I did some walk-halt transitions, too. After that, I began working on trotting, starting by trotting corners, then short sides, and finally part of each long side. Meghan made sure I focused on posting in rythmn with Reno, making sure I rose out of the saddle rather than being bumped around. I can really the difference. By the end of the lesson, my posting had improved a lot.

 At the end of the lesson, Meghan told me that I am almost ready to begin riding Ginger regularly now. I will do another lesson on Reno next week, and after that lesson Meghan says I will begin riding Ginger every lesson. Once that happens, I can begin cantering. Yay!

 Before returning Reno to his paddock, I untacked him, brushed him and picked his hooves. I also brushed his tail.

 I really enjoyed my lesson and had a good time. Reno was such a good boy, too, and not energetic like last time.


  1. It's great you are getting stronger and more confident!

  2. Sounds like a great lesson! How exciting to start riding a new horse and being able to do different things. You'll love cantering, it's super fun! Just prepare to be a bit sore later, haha.

    1. It was awesome! I'm really excited about being able to canter soon.

  3. Very cool :) Good improvements!!


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