Monday, July 28, 2014

Riding Ronnie and Getting on the Bit for the First Time

 For today's lesson I tried riding Ronnie, a bay mare at the barn that may soon be for sale, rather than Chester. Meghan wanted me to try Ronnie out because she thinks the mare would be a great first horse for me. The horse has been ridden in tests up to 2nd level(not at shows so far) and is being trained in some third level things. She has already been to shows with her owner and is boarded at the barn where I ride.

 I enjoyed riding her! She has smooth gaits and her canter is a lot easier to sit than Chester's. She also seems to have a sweet temperament is not at all mare-ish and cranky. It took me a few minutes to get used to her, but once I did it was nice riding her. After I was used to her walk and used to turning her well at the gait, I started trotting her on the circle. She has a nice, smooth trot.

Look how cute she is!
 Next, I was put on the lungeline and made a small circle to the left. I trotted Ronnie for a couple circles, then  cantered her. Wow, her canter is nice. It may be partly due to riding in a dressage saddle rather than a jumping saddle, but her canter is easier to sit and I wasn't bounced around as much as cantering on Chester. I was even able to several circles right away.

 I soon changed directions and began cantering right. There was an incident when she didn't canter right away, so I gave a light kick, which startled her and she swerved to the side. I stayed on, luckily, and continued riding without being very nervous. I cantered again. She swayed a step to the left a bit after a couple strides, mostly because she was afraid she had done something wrong, but after that she was just fine.

 I returned to trot and began working on a new skill: putting a horse on the bit. I kept the outside rein firm and squeezed with the inside rein to get Ronnie to lower her head and become connected. Putting her on the bit also took using some leg to push her forward. It took a while; learning to put a horse on the bit takes practice, but I managed to to get her to do it for a little bit at a time, rounding her neck and connecting. I cantered a little bit like that, then went off the lungeline and began trying the new skill off the lungeline, after walking Ronnie.
I think I'm trying to put Ronnie on the bit here.

I had some trouble using my leg to keep her on the rail, so I made a circle and continued to ask. I eventually got her on the bit. It's so nice to get her on the bit after a lot of trying. After that I ended the lesson and walked her around the property, then put her away. I of course had to say hi to Chester and give him a couple cookies because he was jealous that his rider was riding someone else. He enjoyed the cookies but I still think he's disappointed I didn't ride him.

 Wednesday I may try Ronnie again. I'm still not certain if I will get her but we want to try her out some more. She seems like an ideal horse and I really like her. With her training, she's the type of horse that would go quickly. She hasn't been put up on the market yet though so I still have time to get to know her and make a decision. If I do get her I can likely take her to shows next season. I hope this works out but nothing is final yet. Hopefully!


  1. Yay! She looks really sweet :) I hope it works out!

  2. It looks like you fit Ronnie really, really well! I can't wait to hear more about her.

    1. Thanks! It may be a little while until she's up for sale but I'll make a post when she is.


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