Thursday, July 3, 2014

Cantering Isn't Scary

 I had a great lesson Wednesday and did some more cantering, this time without being worried about falling. Before the lesson I rode Chester a bit at the walk around the property with two other girls. We rode a bit over some small trail obstacles, then I went back to the arena for my lesson.
His trot looks nice in this picture!

 I started by riding two serpentines. I'm getting much better at riding them and changing my posting diagonal in between each circle. After that, I rode along the long side of the dressage arena, heading right, then went across the diagonal of the arena from K to M so I could head left. When I reached F, I also rode across the diagonal to H so I could once again change directions.
Riding from M to K to change directions
 I'm getting better at riding with each lesson, especially these past few weeks when I started riding three times a week.
 About halfway through the lesson, I tried some more cantering on the longeline. This time, I was a lot more confident and relaxed. It was great! I was far more relaxed and actually enjoyed it. I didn't even fall when Chester cantered a stride without being asked, coming to a sudden stop because he realized he hadn't been asked. Just two months ago I had went over Ginger's head when she did the same thing, though she had been going faster and had stopped more abruptly. Still, that must mean my seat is better.

 After cantering I was a lot more comfortable with Chester's big, faster trot, and liked going faster, so Meghan decided that when I went through my dressage test, I would speed Chester into a faster, bigger for the canter parts. Next time I might even canter them!
Circle at A
 I'm getting better at ride my dressage test, going closer to the letter cones to make my shapes more precise. Also, I'm getting Chester to relax more during the free walk part from B to H. There was one part during the test when I asked for the bigger trot on half of the circle at A a little to strongly and Chester cantered a stride instead. I quickly brought him back to the trot and resumed my test. After riding through it twice, I rode Chester around along the short path twice to cool him down. I hosed him off before putting him away.
Other way.
 I had fun during the lesson and can't wait to do more cantering. It was scaring cantering on a big horse at first, but after today I really enjoy.


  1. I predict canter will become your favorite gait. =) Great job, and so glad you're riding 3 days a week now!

  2. Glad you are getting more comfortable with cantering!


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