Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Book Review: A Horse to Treasure

 I recently read A Horse to Treasure, the sequel to Juliana Hutchings' A Horse to Remember. It continues with the same characters, following the teenaged Hilary and her struggles that come after loosing her heart horse, a black mustang named Satan because he was once too aggressive for others to handle. She now has another horse, the son of her heart horse. Throughout the book she struggles with being afraid to show again since she had lost her first after a show. Yet many people try to pressure her into showing because her new horse, who she had trained herself, shows promise and talent. She faced with the tough decision of keeping her horse and not showing, despite what everyone else thinks, or handing the reins over to someone else. There are also many other events involved, including the mysterious showing past of Hilary's best friend, Amanda.

 This book is written for people about my age. I love the story and think it is even better than the first one. It is realistic story about the struggles of the character after losing her horse, something many horse people have likely gone through before. I would recommend it to others about my age.

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