Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Goals 2014

 Summer is here, and now it's time to review my spring goals. I made a few small goals, because I like to break down my larger goals into smaller, achievable goals that can help me to obtain my larger. I might add some more after I find out about whether the lease with Chester will work out, but for now here a couple of my goals.

Spring Goals

Goal 1: Improve at Intro Test C---I haven't practiced this one a lot, but I have it memorized and plan on practicing it outside of lessons if the lease with Chester works out. Once I start showing I'll set a goal score for the show and work toward that.
Goal 2: Improve my equitation at the trot My equitation at the trot is getting much better. I'm getting better at keeping my shoulders back although I sometimes am not on the correct diagonal, which I will work on.

Summer Goals 2014

  1. Post on the correct diagonal in the trot most of the time.
  2. Keep my shoulders back
  3. Eyes up!
  4. Improve my seat at the canter. This one is a big one because my seat at the canter is not really great. It almost feels like I'm going to fly over the horse's head, which I actually did as you may remember. Not fun so I'm going to work on that and make sure my heels are down so I don't lose my balance.
  5. Heels down. Those goes hand in hand with improving my seat.
As I said I may add a few more but this is my list for now. I think they seem achievable and I'll be thinking about them during my lessons.


  1. Good luck with your goals!! It's great to make goals so you can see that you have actually progressed instead of always feeling like something else needs fixing :)

    1. Thank you! I agree---setting and achieving goals, even small ones, show that you are moving forward


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