Friday, June 27, 2014

Everything is Coming Together + a Dressage Test

Wednesday's lesson was fantastic! All the pieces that I learned are finally starting to come together. Most of the time I was on the correct posting diagonal, my heels were down, and I was sitting straight. It was an amazing feeling, and Meghan said that if I keep it up I could start cantering a lot more. Yay!

 The lesson started by me riding a serpentine at the walk. Then I began the trot, riding several serpentines and working on changing my posting diagonal. There were some times when I was off, but I'm getting better at feeling that now without looking at Chester's shoulders. Between every circle on the serpentine, I sat to change my posting to the new outside.

Looking for the next point on my serpentine.
 After riding several trot serpentines, I rode Chester to the long side of the dressage arena and began trotting around. When I reached M, I rode across the diagonal of the arena toward K, then I rode from F to H. This is something that also made me think about changing my posting diagonal, which you do when you reach X if you are riding across the long diagonal(from one corner to the other). I did this a few times before working on my dressage test, Intro Test C.
Doesn't look like I am on the correct diagonal on this one.
 This time, I was much better at turning Chester down centerline, which was harder last time because he is much bigger than the lesson horses I rode. I halted and saluted at X, then headed towards C, turned right and circled B, then at A. Then I rode across the diagonal to M, headed left, and made a circle at E and A. Finally, I rode at the walk from B to H, then trotted down the long side, turning down centerline and halting at. I skipped out the canter parts, but will eventually add then in when I do more cantering.

We both look nice in this walk break picture.
 After my test, I worked on doing a little sitting trot on a circle. I slowed down his trot and worked on stay seated in the saddle. It's hard not to be bounced around! At least I got a few steps in wear I was bouncing up and down. 

 It was a really fun and successful lesson! There were some parts where I was relaxed, sitting straight, heels down, and posting on the correct diagonal, which felt amazing!

 I also got a tack box so I can store all my horse stuff at the barn now. Ironically, it is the same trunk that all the other girls Meghan trains have, so I we all match. When I start showing, I can get the matching blue custom trunk cover that everyone has, except with my name on it. Very cool!

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