Sunday, June 29, 2014

Product Review: Lexol Equine Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner

 Yesterday I bought a dressage bridle and a set of reins at the local tack store, which sells used tack. I'm allowed to use Chester's stuff, but his owner, Jessica, rides him in a milder bit than I do, and it is time consuming for each of us to have to change the bit when we ride. The bridle I bought is in good condition, although it was a bit dry so I bought some Lexol Equine Quick Wipes Leather Conditioner. The local feed store where I bought it is small and consequently doesn't contain many brands to choose between, so that's what I bought. I wanted to share my experience with you. Keep in mind that as a new equestrian, I don't have experience with different brands so merely describing my results rather than comparing the product to others.

 The product cost $8.99 at the feed store(cheaper at Dover) and came with 25 wet wipes similar to those you would use to wash your hands with on the go, except they were soaked in leather conditioner. When I started, the bridle was a little bit dry, but after wiping it down, it is soft and moist. The only downside is that it took a lot of wipes to do the whole bridle, though that may be because I was generous with the amounts I used and made sure to thoroughly condition it. Since you don't have to pour/rub the conditioner onto wipes of your own, they are quick and easy to use, and not messy. Consequently, I think they would be great for wiping down tack before a show or quickly before you ride.

 Next time I may buy a product other than wipes, but I think Lexol Quick Wipes could be good to have around if you are in a hurry. What kind of leather conditioning products do you use and what would you recommend?


  1. How interesting! I didn't even know such a product existed, but I can definitely see how it would be useful. :)

  2. I typically use Leather CPR and/or Passier lederbalsam and have gotten great results!

  3. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of wipes. Most of the ones I've used don't seem to clean very well, and leave a residue on the leather; although I've never tried this particular brand!

    1. I don't know about the cleaning wipes, but from my experience the conditioner ones didn't leave a residue.


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