Monday, June 16, 2014

Lesson and Cantering on Chester Lease Horse

 I had another lesson on Chester, the TB/Percheron gelding I will soon lease, today. I started the lesson by warming up with walk-halt transitions, as I always do, the began a trot circle to the left in the dressage part of the arena. As I did so I worked on sitting up straight and posting on the correct diagonal. The edges the the arena come up quickly with a big a horse like Chester, so at one point I didn't turn soon enough and ran into the P dressage letter cone, knocking it over.

 After circling for a few minutes, I drank some water, then changed directions and started heading to the right.I was a bit better at posting on the correct diagonal right away, although a couple times Chester did some leg-yields, which Meghan said was because of uneven leg pressure. Chester is a sensitive horse and was unsure of what I wanted. I put him back of the circle and continued to ride him on it.

 Then, I started riding at the trot around the entire dressage arena, heading right. The more I worked, the better my posture and posting became. I later rode across the diagonal from M to K so I could change directions.

 Towards the end of the lesson, Meghan wanted to know if I wanted to canter. I did, so she put Chester on the lungeline I began a trot circle to the right. I was a bit nervous because I've only cantered a handful of times and had fallen last time, but after doing a few strides I was just fine. Chester's canter isn't as big and rocking horse-like as Ginger's, so it was consequently much easier to sit, though there was a moment when I almost went over, but I soon caught myself. I did several strides of canter at a time, three times. It was fun!

 I then trotted a bit more and cooled Chester down by ride the path that encircles the barn and pasture. I told him he was a good boy, untacked and groomed him, then put him away. Wednesday, I'll have another lesson on him, this time with Jessica, his owner, watching. Afterward we will work out a lease. If all goes well, which most likely will, I will start leasing him at the beginning of next month. I'm excited! When I start leasing him, I will ride three to four a week! I can't wait!

 In other news, I changed my blog name to The Aspiring Equestrian. I decided upon this name because I have aspirations when it comes to riding horses; many people who know me know I want to be a fourth level eventer someday. I thought the name was suiting!


  1. Good job on the cantering! I think that is a great blog title :)

    1. Thank you! I love cantering, and thought the name would be suiting.

  2. very excited for your potential lease! I hope that happens!

  3. Love your new name, and congrats on cantering successfully =)


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