Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Viva Carlos Blog Hop: Why Do You Continue to Ride?

 I don't always enter Viva Carlos blog hops, but this week's question really stuck out to me so I decided to write a post about it. L wrote, "Some of us are sidelined due to physical conditions, horse injuries, finances, or even lack of a equid to throw a leg over. Why do you continue to ride?
From Viva Carlos

 As many of you know, I don't have a horse of my own, which makes it hard to progress quickly and ride more than once a week. However, in spite of that, I do not give up on this sport and I continue to ride. Why? Because I can't imagine anything better. Horses are my passion. I love riding and just being around horses more than I like to do anything else, which is something only equestrians can understand. Although this sport is anything but easy all the time, I take the good with the bad and continue to ride because we love doing it. Horses seem to make my life whole, and now that I do ride I can hardly imagine life without them. My favorite horse quote perfectly describes why I ride. You've probably heard it before, but I will share it anyways.
From Pinterest,

   "I ride to fly, to feel, to touch to breathe, to laugh, to soar, to overcome, to relax, to prove them wrong, to belong, to feel strong, to heal, to love and be loved back, to communicate without words. I ride to live." -unknown

Thank you for hosting, L. 


  1. It's a great attitude to have and one day you will have a horse :)


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