Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Riders to Watch for in the Badminton Horse Trials

 The Badminton Horse Trials over in England starts today. It is a big four-star event and will help decide who will go to Normandy this summer, so the pressure is on for everyone. There will be over a hundred horses competing, with some riders bringing several horses. This year, only a few riders from the United States are competing, with some of them living and competing in England.

Clark Montgomery
 Clark Montgomery, a US rider, will be riding two horses at Badminton this year. The first is named Universe. Universe began competing in four-star events at Badminton last year, placing 27th with only 6.4 cross-country penalties. He even placed tenth at Pau CCI4 last year. Clark Montgomery is also competing with Loughan Glen, who will be competing in his first CCI4 event. Loughan Glen has successfully competed in three-star events so far.

Tiana Coudray
 Tiana Coudray, the second US, will be competing with Ringwood Magister, who finished 17th last with only a few faults. Tiana and Ringwood Magister moved to England after 2012's Olympics and have since improved.

Rebecca Howard
 Rebecca Howard will be riding Riddle Master in this year's Badminton. She, too, is based in England and placed 12th in last year's Badminton and 11th at Burghley.

Peter Atkins
 Peter Atkins will be riding Henry Jota Hampton, who has been at Rolex and the WEG in 2010, as well as Rolex 2013 with Peter. He place tenth last year at Rolex.
William and Parklane Hawk credit

William Fox-Pitt
 William Fox-Pitt will be riding several horses this year: Parklane Hawk, Cool Mountain, and Chilli Morning. Parklane Hawk is a one of the best horses there, seeing as he has never placed out of the top five in all five of his fourth-level competitions. He won his first CCI4, Burghley, in 2011. Then he won Rolex in 2012, came third in Burghley, placed fifth in Badminton 2013, and then placed third at Burghley yet again. William Fox-Pitt will also be riding Cool Mountain, an experienced fourteen-year-old who has earned silver at the WEG with Fox-Pitt. The final horse he will be competing on is Chilli Morning. Chilli Morning has never won a four-star event before, but has performed well at three-star.

Mark Todd
 Mark Todd will be competing with NZB Campino, a horse who placed twelth in the London Olympics before taking last year off due to injury. Campino will be competing in his first Badminton this year. Mark Todd will also be competing with Leonidas II, another of his horses.

Andrew Nicholson 
 Andrew Nicholson will be riding Nereo in this year's Badminton. Nereo has been competing at four-star level for five years now and has competed in both the Olympics and World Equestrian Games. So far in his career at CCI4, he hasn't placed worse than twelth, and since Burghley 2011, he hasn't placed worse than fourth.

 These are just a few riders that I think will do well at Badminton. Is there any horse/rider pair that you think have a good chance of winning? Let me know!

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