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Rolex OTTB Pedigree Comparison

 Because I love studying Thoroughbred pedigrees to see if I can find any names of famous horse, I decided to look into the pedigrees of the OTTBs that entered this year's Rolex, even if they didn't finish. I thought it would be fun to compare them and see what names they have in common. Click a Rolex horse's name to see the complete pedigree.

Mensa G
 I'll start with Mensa G, who placed fourteenth overall at Rolex. Mensa is by Colonial Affair and out Fire the Secretary, who is by Stop The Music, a well-known race foaled in 1970. Fire the Secretary's dam, Esdiev, is by Secretariat, who is by Bold Ruler and out of Somethingroyal. Bold Ruler. On Mensa's sire's side, we Northern Dancer and Raise A Native, two names that appear in almost every Thoroughbred pedigree these days.

 Pirate is by Pirate Stronghold and out of Stars Heir, by Risen Star. Risen Star is by Secretariat, son of Bold Ruler and Somethingroyal. The dam of Stars Heir is Perceptive Heiress, by Vice Regent by Northern Dancer. If we trace Pirate Stronghold's line, we see his sire is Seeking Gold, by Mr. Prospector, who was sired by Raise A Native. Seeking Gold's dame, Con Game, was sired by Buckpasser.

 Tsunami is by Roanoke and Tsu Tsu Slew, who is by Tsunami Slew, son of Seattle Slew(by Bold Reasoning) and Barbs Compact. Tsu Tsu Slew is out of Even In Paradise,by Affirmed(Exclusive Native and Won't Tell You). Exclusive Native is by Raise A Native, and Won't Tell You is by Crafty Admiral, a descendent of War Admiral and Man o' War. I didn't find many well-known horses on Roanoke's side until I went back several generations and found Bold Ruler and Native Dancer.

Sir Rockstar
 Sir Rockstar is by Rockamundo and out of How Unusual, by Great Sun, son of Bold Ruler. Rockamundo is  by Key To The Mint, who is by Graustark and Key Bridge, the latter of which is the granddaughter of War Admiral(by Man o' War) on her dam's side. Rockamundo is out of Crystal Cup, by Nijinsky, son of Northern Dancer.

 Parker is the son of Marquetry and Hello Mom, by Caveat, son of Cannonade, whose sire, Bold Bidder, is the son of Bold Ruler. Hello Mom's dam is Road To Heaven, and is by Kennedy Road. Parker's sire is by Conquistador Cielo, by Mr. Prospector, son of Raise A native, by Native Dancer. Conquistador Cielo is out of K D Princess, by Bold Commander by Bold Ruler. When we look at Marquetry again, we see that he is by Regent's Walk, by Vice Regent, by Northern Dancer.

Irish Rhythm
 Irish Rhythm is by Vice Chancellor and Dawnsari, by Dawn Flight. Vice Chancellor is by Vice Regent, son of Northern Dancer, out of Natalma by Native Dancer. Alibi, by Birkhahn, is the dam of Vice Chancellor.

 Ziggy is by Ziggy's Boy and is out of Berry's Blush, by Foolish Pleasure. Foolish Pleasure is by What A Pleasure, son of Bold Ruler. Berry Blush is out of Cherry Berry, by Nice Dancer, son of Northern Dancer.

 Houdini is by Hot Rock and is out of Nancy's Star, by Big Sal, son of In Reality, the son of Intentionally. Nancy's Star is out of Marching Star, by Marshua's Dancer, son of Raise A Native, by Native Dancer. Marching Star is out of Watch Her Go, by Riva Ridge, son of First Landing.

 Shiraz is by Gallapiat and is out of Bold Blossom, by Fountain Of Gold, son of Mr. Prospector, who is by Raise A Native, the son of Native Dancer. Bold Blossom is out of Blossom Deary, by Boldnesian, by Bold Ruler. Shiraz's sire, Gallapiat, is by Buckpasser, son of Tom Fool. Buckpasser is out of Busanda, by War Admiral, son of Man o' War. Gallapiat is out of Gay Missile, by Sir Gaylord, out of Somethingroyal.
Relentless Pursuit; credit

Relentless Pursuit
 Relentless Pursuit is A Lee Rover and is out of First Raise, by Raise A Cup, son of Raise A Native, by Native Dancer. Raise A Cup is out of Spring Sunshine, by Nashua, son of Bold Ruler's sire, Nasrullah. First Raise is out of Our First Pleasure, by What A Pleasure, son of Bold Ruler. Relentless Pursuit's sire, A Lee Rover, is Conquistador Cielo(see Parker), by Mr. Prospector, by Raise a Nativer, son of Native Dancer. Conquistador Cielo is out of K D Princess, by Bold Commander, son of Bold Ruler. A Lee Rover is out of Aware, by Buckpasser by Tom Fool.

Madison Park
 Madison Park is by Monaco Magic and is out of Mistress Of Mine, by Band Practice, son of Stop The Music, by Hail To Reason. Band Practice is out of Fleet Empress, out of Countess Fleet, by Count Fleet, a Triple Crown winner. Mistress Of Mine is out of Irish Lulabye, Real Top Deal. Irish Lulabye is out of Game Fleet, by Fleeting, by Count Fleet.

Collection Pass
 Collection Pass is by Collection Agent and is out of Winged Passage, by Assault Landing, by Buckfinder, son of Buckpasser and Shenanigans, the latter by Native Dancer. Assault Landing is out of Trail landing, by Solo landing, by First Landing. Winged Passage is out of Light Of Foot, by Majestic Light, who is by Majestic Prince, son of Raise a Native, the son of Native Dancer. Light Of Foot is out of Laughter, by Bold Ruler. Collection Agent, sire of Collection Pass, is by Dancing Master, son of Dancer's Image, by Native Dancer. Collection Agent is out of Contrary Brogue, by Mr. Brogann.

Here's To You
 Here's To You is by Wills Way and is out of China Sky, by Skywalker, the son of Relaunch, who was sired by In Reality, son of Intentionally. Skywalker is out of Bold Captive, by Boldnesian, son of Bold Ruler. Bold Captive is son of Captive Audience, son of Native Dancer. China Sky is out of Bolchina, son of Bolger, who was sired by Damascus. Will's Way is the son of Easy Goer, by Alydar, who was sired by Raise A Native, son of Native Dancer. Easy Goer is out of Relaxing, by Buckpasser. Will's Way is out of Willamae, by Tentam, son of Intentionally. Willamae's dam, Raclette, is out of Lauries Dancer, daughter of Northern dancer.
Expedience credit

 Expedience is by Ayes Turn and is out of Promenador, by Cannonade, son of Bold Bidder, by Bold Ruler. Promenador is out of Hayseed Honey, by Jerry Crow. Hayseed Honey is out of Stormy Love, by Promised Land.

 If you read all these pedigrees, you may notice some similarities. For example, many have Raise A Native, Native Dancer, and Northern Dancer in them, as well as Bold Ruler. Buckpasser appeared in Here's To You, Collection Pass, Relentless Pursuit, Shiraz, and Pirate. You may also notice that Vice Regent appeared in Irish Rhythm, Parker, and Pirate. Mr. Prospector also appears in several pedigrees as well. What A Pleasure appeared in Relentless Pursuit and Ziggy, and Secretariat appeared in several. All in all, each had many names in common. Perhaps it is because those names are commonly found in Thoroughbred pedigrees, or maybe those sires and dams make great eventers.


  1. This is cool! I like that you took the chance to do this. My guy has both northern dancer and native dancer back in his line, and is a few generations out from secretariat. He was most related to Enchantez by Lindsey Oaks- her TB never raced so not really an OTTB, but both horse's grand sire is Devil's Bag, who is out of Blushing Groom who sired some world class jumping horses :)

    1. That's cool! I love reading about Thoroughbred pedigrees.


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