Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Riding Goals

 Winter is almost over and spring is almost here, so I decided to evaluate the three goals I set back in November and create several new ones.

Goal 1: Get better at posting.
 This one is definitely a success. When I started riding back in November, my posting was terrible and unrythmnical, and I was really bouncing around in the saddle. Now, I'm more in rythmn with the gait and I am now longer slammed down into the saddle when I sit. 

Goal 2: Develop riding muscles.
 After several months of riding almost weekly, my legs are getting stronger, a reason why my posting is much better.

Goal 3: Canter by spring
 Success! Over the past few lessons I have done a bit of canter work on the lungeline, and most recently, on a serpentine and during my dressage test

Now that those goals are completed, I'm going to list some more goals, this time for spring. I hope to make small, attainable goals that I will be able to complete over the next few months.

Goal 1: Improve at Intro Test C
 During my last lesson, I learned my first dressage test, Intro Test C, and went through it twice. Now that I know how it's done and have watched several other people do it on YouTube, I can begin to improve at it through lots of practice and study. By summer, I hope to be much better at it.

Goal 2: Improve my equitation at the trot
 My EQ it much better than it was starting out, and even a bit better than it was last month. However, sometimes at the trot my shoulders go forwards, I glance down, or I lean a bit forward. I hope to get better at not doing this.

 A storm has been hitting the area where I live. This past week, it has been cold(down to 48F) and pouring down rain with almost gale force winds reaching up to 10mph(at least that what I read). It's supposed to be a 100% chance(seriously?) of raining tomorrow. Even without the rain, riding weather isn't ideal. My lesson might be cancelled again because we don't have an indoor or covereded arena to use in inclement weather. It sure doesn't feel like spring the way the weather is now. 


  1. Great job accomplishing the goals!
    The weather really has been awful lately. I don't have a covered or indoor arena either, so I feel the frustration of canceled lessons too. The struggle is real...

  2. All wonderful goals and congrats on meeting your original goals!


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