Friday, February 14, 2014

Selle Français

 The Selle Francais is a French warmblood that was developed in Le Pin, Normandy in the 1800s, at the famous state studs. When breeding the Selle Francais, French horse breeders focused on making different types a various purposes, using the Anglo-Norman, Norfolk Roadster, and Thoroughbred, as well as other French horses.
A Selle Francais is similar to a Thoroughbred.

 The Norfolk Roadster-Thoroughbred cross went on to become the French Trotter, while the Anglo-Norman(Thoroughbred and Norman horses) was used for draft work. This continued until after World War II, when breeders began focusing on creating good riding and sport horses, rather than work horses. Anglo-ArabsIn 1958, these horses were name le Cheval de Selle Francais(French Saddle Horse) by the French government.

Breed Description and Uses
 The Selle Francais is a strong, athletic horse that is often described as a more muscular and substantial Thoroughbred. They have the same strong legs, sloping shoulder, long neck, and prominent withers. Though the breed used to be classified into several types, divided by size and weight, that classification stopped in the 1980s. The breed can range from as small as 15.2 hands high to as tall as 17 hands high. All colors are found, but bay and chestnut remain the most common.

 Lighter Selle Francais horses are used as racehorses in France, while the heavier ones are used for jumper, dressage, and eventing.

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