Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Dressage Test!

 When I arrived at the barn Saturday, quite a several girls were at the barn with their horses, and both of the crossties, as well as the grooming stall and the tying ring by the tack room, were in use. I grabbed Reno and stood in the aisle only a minute or two until the girl grooming Ginger in the grooming stall was done. Then I quickly groomed and tacked him. He had new half pad from the saddle fitter, which you could put foam squares in the make the saddle fit better. Meghan put that on him while I worked on the bridle.

 Surprisingly, the arena was not in use when I was ready. I began warming up with a few laps at the walk then did some trotting. After that, I entered the dressage part of the arena and began working on basic dressage. I walked a serpentine, the trotted it twice, before Meghan decided I was ready for my first dressage test: Intro Test C. Some explained about the centerline and saluting at X, then began walking me through the test while I rode, directing me where to go and what to do.

 To begin with, I did it without any of the canter parts so I could learn how it went. I trotted down the centerline, saluted, then rode on, turning right at C and circling at B. I made another circle at A, then rode across the diagonal of the arena, turned left, and made a circle at E. I made my another circle by A, then walked along the short diagonal when I reached B. Finally, I trotted back to A and rode down the centerline for the second time. I saluted at G, then was finished with my test.

 After going through it once, I did in again, this time cantering in the appropriate places. By the time I was done, two other horses had entered the arena with their riders. Meghan got on one of the horses to ride him a bit before his owner got on, telling me to begin cooling Reno down. She said I could ride a few minutes longer at the walk if liked. which I did.

 Meghan also told me that next week I might be able to ride Ginger. Now that the saddle fitter has come by, Ginger's saddle is more comfortable, so I can now ride her. Also, I will be watching videos of other people doing Intro Test C so I can learn it better.

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