Friday, January 8, 2016

30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge

This year, I have decided that I really want to work on my physical fitness.  Particularly,  I want to increase my core strength, as my arms have stayed strong through all the work at I have done at the barn.   My plan has been to go running and to work on crunches, squats, push-ups, and other exercise that I have found in a Workout called the 7 Minute Workout(look it up).  While browsing the internet,  however, I found another exercise program that I want to try out.

 It is called the 30 Day Rider Fitness Challenge, and as the name suggests, is geared towards riders.  However,  a horse is not necessary for the challenge, so I will not have to be at the barn every day.   The workouts target muscles groups necessary for stability and balance in the saddle.  The goal of the challenge is to work on strengthening those muscle groups so the time spent in the saddle can be focused on working on the rider's technique, rather than simply trying to stay balanced.  No-stirrup work has certainly helped me with this, but I noticed that I lost my balance a few times during the canter.  I need to improve my core strength to help hold me in position.

The Challenge has many different kinds of exercises done each day, and it is recommended that they are down at least six days a week.  I plan to utilize this Challenge and give it a try.  Once a week, I'll post an update on how my Challenge is going, so if I do not get time in the saddle because of the weather, I'll at least have something to write about.  I'll plan on starting after the weekend.


  1. Good luck - definitely let us know how it goes!!

  2. ooo this sounds more like a fitness challenge i might actually stick with! i'll be following along to see your progress and see if it's something i would partake in too!
    good luck!!!


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