Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How Did OTTBs Do in Rolex 2014?

This year at Rolex, there were fourteen off-the-track Thoroughbreds competing, eight completing the competition, four of which finished in the top twenty. This number goes to show how versatile OTTBs really are and how well they can perform in their careers after racing. I decided to write a brief overview of the OTTBs competing and how each one did this past week at Rolex.

Mensa G credit

 Mensa G---Michael Pollard
The OTTB that did the best at Rolex is Mensa G, a 1998 gelding ridden by Michael Pollard. For those you who are interested in Thoroughbred pedigrees, Mensa G, raced under the named Merisha G, is the son of Colonial Affair and Fire the Secretary, who is by Stop the Music. He raced 41 times on the track, winning five races and earning $92,000. After outdoing many warmbloods in dressage with a score of 49.5, he was in first place.  He placed 14th overall. A knocked down rail in show jumping cost him a better position.

Pirate---Megan O'Donoghue
 The second highest placing OTTB is the 2002 gelding, Pirate, ridden by Megan O"Donoghue, who placed 17th overall. Pirate's registered name is Pirate's Gold Star, and he raced only ten times. Pirate did exceptionally well in cross country, running the course both fast and clean and earning him the 17th position of all the many horses at Rolex.

Tsunami---Sarah Cousins
 Just behind Pirate is Tsunami, ridden by Sarah Cousins. Tsunami, a 1999 mare, is registered as Tsu Tsu Ro and is the granddaughter of Seattle Slew and Affirmed, both Triple Crown winners. she raced 24 times and earned just over $35,000. At Rolex, she too ran a fast cross country time, ending up 18th overall.

Sir Rockstar---Libby Head
Sir Rockstar, ridden by Libby Head, placed 19th overall. He raced 16 times but didn't do very well as a racehorse. He ran a fast an clean cross country course, and did very well in the show jumping phase. A clean round brought him from 28th place to his final position of 19.
Parker, by Gretchen Pelham credit

Parker---James Alliston
 Parker, ridden by James Alliston, is a 2002 gelding registered as Eastside Park. he raced ten times, earning little money, but he does well at eventing. In fact, he ran the fastest cross country time that day, placing 22nd overall.

Irish Rhythm---Rachel McDonough
 Placing 25th is Irish Rhythm, a 1999 gelding registered as Daniel Alexander. He raced 43 times, earning nearly $26,000 before finally retiring. At Rolex he ran cross country fast and clean, though he didn't do show jumping without any faults.

Ziggy---Rachel Jurgens
 Ziggy, ridden by Rachel Jurgens, is a 1996 gelding who has only raced twice, winning no races and earning no money. He is registered as Ziggy's Berry Boy, and his sire is Ziggy's Boy. His dam, Berry Blush, is the daughter of Foolish Pleasure. Like most of the other OTTBs, he ran cross country fast and clean.

Houdini---Katie Frei
 Houdini, registered as Rocky Times, is a 2004 gelding sired by Hot Rock, a descendent of Native Dancer. He raced only five times, never winning or placing. At Rolex he placed 34th.

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 There were a few others entered, but those ones were either eliminated or withdrew halfway through. Among those are Shiraz, a 1998 ridden by Colleen Rutledge; Relentless Pursuit, a 1996 gelding ridden by Dana Widstrand; Madison Park, a 1998 gelding ridden by Kyle Carter; Collection Pass, a 2002 gelding ridden by Kate Chadderton; Here's to You, a 2000 gelding ridden by Emily Beshear; and Expedience, a 1997 mare who was injured during the competition and is ridden by Kaitlin Spurlock.


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