Thursday, April 24, 2014

Horse Rescue Work

 I didn't do much work at the rescue today. When I got to there, all the horses were out in pasture rather than in their stalls, so Patricia and I immediately began mucking stalls. They weren't very dirty, probably because the horses had likely been turned out for several days. It didn't take long to clean all of them up. Once finished, we went to the pasture to get on the horses. Ricko was in a small pen near the gait, so Patricia haltered him and brought him to the round pen. She worked with him a bit, then handed him to me to hand graze him near the small arena. Ricko doesn't like grazing out in the pasture with the other horses. Later on, Patricia brought an older, Teddy, out to hand graze him as well. After a while, we left since all the other horses were somewhere out in the pasture.

 We went to Patricia's house after that to work with her horses, Tank and Tessa. Tank is a stocky bay mustang with a large white star on his face, and Tessa is a much small horse with an blanket marking on her rump. We saddled them(I used the Australian saddle) and rode them in the round pen for a bit at the walk and trot. Later, we exited the round pen and rode them in the yard, going around several times and traveling up and down slopes. Tessa is not used to going downhill, so we focused a lot on hills. Next, we returned to the round pen, circled several more times, and put the horses away.

 This Saturday I'll be going to the Fresno Horse Park to watch sarah from Eventing in Color ride. I had met her at a show last year, so it will cool to see her again and watch her ride. I'll make sure to take pictures. Oh, and check out Hillary's contest.

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