Monday, July 11, 2016

Swedish Tack Store!

Last week I was away from home at a summer camp for youth from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.  It was an amazing experience and I met so many great people whom I consider to be friends(my first new friends since leaving the US).  I've also had several other exciting adventures, but nothing horse related has happened until last Saturday, when I visited a tack store!  There were several things that stood out to be about this store that makes it different than my experience in California.

Where I lived in California it was difficult to find a tack store because most of them were not in the main part of town.  A person had to go out of the way, to the industrial or agricultural area  of town where people buy tractors and farm equipment.  This Swedish one, however, was in a large shopping center situated in the main part of town.  It is much more accessible than the stores I've been to in California.

Another exciting thing about the store is that it carried mostly English riding supplies.  Of course I don't have anything against Western; I've enjoyed riding Western and have become more open-minded about different riding disciplines.  Nevertheless, I'm an English girl at heart.  My heart leapt when I saw gorgeous dressage and jumping saddles, English bridles and pads, and tall boots and paddock boots.  All these equipment seemed affordable too, and I think that were less expensive than some things I have bought online in America.  There were name brands too, including Ariat, Toulouse, and Horseware Ireland.

There was bling on a lot of things(helmets, saddle pads, bridles)

While there, I tried on some helmets(I need a new one) and looked at the affordable breeches and everything else there. I didn't purchase anything, but simply looking was great. I'll stop here when I need some horse equipment!


  1. you're so lucky!! horseback riding is a total serious thing in europe. not like in north america as much... even on ontario, nothing is really "close" and you have to leave your comfy city digs or burbs to go somewhere. or online. there's nothing like online shopping!

    1. Yeah, I feel lucky and happy to be in a place where horses are popular! It'll be very strange to not need to buy everything online(though certain things I might buy online, of course).

    2. might even have stuff that isn't commonly seen in north american tack stores!! enjoy :)


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