Thursday, April 30, 2015

Great Two-Point Lessons!

 These last two lessons, I have been working on improving my two point position since my goal is to be able to jump within a few months from now, providing my jumping position because solid enough that I can remained balanced at all gaits without leaning on Lucky's mouth. The lesson before last, practiced my two-point in both the trot and canter. I transitioned between two-point and posting at the trot, and two point and sitting at the canter.

 I still can't remain in correct balanced the whole time, but both I'm getting stronger, so I can stay out of the saddle without getting tired for much longer than I could in January.

 I worked on a lot of serpentines during my most recent lesson. Since serpentines have many changes of direction and bend, I really have to be prepared to change my inside leg as well as the flexion when I reach the part in the serpentine where the direction is changed. One of the problems I have is letting my inside hand drop, which does not help the horse to flex to the inside and come round. However, when I remember to lift my hand and have enough inside leg, Lucky flexes and comes round. Lucky is a really good teacher because she only does what her rider asks if it is asked correctly. When riding her I can know if I am asking for something incorrectly.

 I also did an exercise that helped both with my two point and my turning. I had to turn left up centerline, without pulling on the reins, and start my two point at the cone set up between S and R. The first few time I used too much hand, so I went back and started the turn again, this time with less hands and more legs.

 For most of the ride, I struggled to find my balance at the two-point, and when returning to the posting trot before C, I hastily made the transition rather than relaxing and taking my time to make a fluid, seamless transition. This resulted in an unbalanced transition, and it took several strides to recover.

 It was my last ride through the exercise, this time to the right, that really stuck out. This time through, I didn't rush and become unbalanced. Instead, I breathed and relaxed, determined to ride through it nicely. This time through, I had a great, balanced two-point, holding it and transitioning smoothly to the posting. It felt effortless, and was one of those moments when everything goes well and correctly. I'd say for sure that it was the best, standout moment of the ride.


  1. exciting - jumping is definitely way more fun when you feel solid in your position, so this is good practice :)

    1. I don't want to pulling Lucky in the mouth or losing balance over a jump.

  2. I find that having a jump strap to stick a finger under (or just grabbing mane) helps me get balanced or re-balanced in 2-point when I start to get a little undone. Might be worth trying if your trainer agrees! So excited for you to start jumping soon!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I'm using one now so I always have something to hang on to if needed.


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