Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Give and Take

 For my ride yesterday, Moe was extremely energetic and all go, acting as if she was half her age. When I walked her she wanted to trot, and when I was finally ready trot, she was ready to canter or just speed away, becoming all twisted and crooked when I tried to slow her down. She had so much go that Meghan had to get on her to slow her down and to show me how best to handle such a situation. My trainer usually doesn't get on and has done so only once before, when Chester was giving me some trouble. Nevertheless it was a good learning experience to watch my trainer ride.

 Rather than using pulling the reins every time Moe sped up or tried to canter, Meghan half halted with her seat and gently pulled the outside rein. Whenever Moe slowed down, Meghan rewarded her with softness, telling me to do the same. Riding has a lot to do with giving and taking, and it is essentially to learn when to do which to get the desired result.

Cantering for real now!

 I remounted, keeping all this advice in mind, and focused on keeping my hands soft and light while I rode Moe on a circle to the right, Meghan said I looked really good and soft when I first got on. Whenever Moe tried to take off, I held the outside rein, softening my connection when she responded by slowing down.

Here's the cute one.
Making funny faces while being groomed!

 After doing this for a bit. I asked for canter right on a circle. Moe picked up the left lead, strangely enough as she usually prefers the right left, so I did a simple change the pick up the correct lead. As I rode, I focused on sitting deep in the saddle, keeping my outside leg back, and half halting the outside rein to keep her at a comfortable pace.

 Even though I had to spend the entire lesson keeping Moe under control, it was a good learning experience, because after all, challenging horses teach you a lot. Not every horse I'll ever ride will be easy.
Rolling--right after I gave her a thorough grooming
She looks so cute laying down.
 After I gave Moe a thorough grooming because she was very sweaty, dirty, and hasn't been trimmed yet, Moe decided to roll, the first time I've seen her do so.


  1. It is always interesting riding a cheeky horse, one of my all time favourite horses was a horse called Jake, he was a 14.2 cob and I loved him to pieces, he was naughty as they came go, but he made me the rider I am today!

    1. Challenging horses certainly do a lot in making riders better. I progressed a lot after riding Chester just over the summer.


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