Thursday, November 6, 2014

Driving on my Own and More Rides on Pistachio

 Last week I was able to drive a mini on my own! The woman who owns Pistachio, Gretchen, also owns a mini  named Shadow, who is really adorable, took me with her to drive with her driving group, who meets often to drive on the trails. I drove Shadow while she drove another mini names Sage.
He makes cute faces.

 Driving is not too different than riding in the sense that you use the reins to control the horse in the same way you do when riding. The main difference is that you are behind the horse(or mini in this case) and it is consequently more vocal and more based on the reins rather than seat. It was fun to be able to control the cart on my own this time, and although I had a bit trouble at first I got used to it.

 The whole group, which consisted of five mini and driver pairs, drove around a dressage arena a few times to stet out. Then we went down a path that led to a cones ours, which each of us drove one by one. I got lost going around it at first because I hadn't walked it before, and also knocked down a few cones, but made it through.

 After each of us had gone, we all drove all around the trails for quick a bit---at least an hour. One of the funnest parts was when we let the minis canter full speed up the steep hills. I enjoyed doing that, and it was pretty easy to get Shadow to slow down at the top since he is used to canter to the top, then slowing down once he reaches the top. It was an enjoyable experience.

 I have also been riding Pistachio several more times. He has been improving a lot since the first time I have first ridden him. While he had started out stiff and fast because he is mostly driven and not ridden, he is now much more relaxed, supple, and smooth. He doesn't try to take off and circles much more easily now. He even successful does leg-yields, though he us much better to right. Nevertheless I can see and feel an huge difference. Just being worked under saddle loosens up his muscles. It's a great feeling to ride a much more sideways leg yield with less resistance after only several rides. He even crosses his legs over very well, according to Gretchen and Mom. I could see him doing at least lower level dressage.


  1. looks like you're having a ton of fun - minis are so cute :) and glad Pistachio is doing so well with your riding!

  2. I'm so jealous you get to learn to drive!

  3. that sounds like fun! i was at the royal agricultural winter fair in toronto and we saw the "lady single road horse" and the heavy horse driving... i kept wondering how the drivers get the horses to change gaits and what not. NEAT!

    1. It is! It's cool you got to watch drivers at a fair. To drive the mini I was using the typical voice commands, but I can imagine it'd be very difficult to do fancier things, like in the combined driving events.


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