Sunday, October 5, 2014

Last Ride at Silver Rose

 Last Wednesday, the 24th, was my last ride and my last time at Silver Rose. In spite of that, I had a nice ride on Moe. I started the lesson like last time, when I rode her across several diagonals to get her completely warmed up and ready to start working. I asked for a some connection and worked with getting her one the bit. Because of all her dressage training, it's not very hard to get her on the bit if I continue to ask until she responds. She doesn't stay on the bit for long periods at a time, so when she puts her head up I just ask again until she once more connects.

 Before cantering I rode her in a spiraling circle, like I have been doing, until she slowed down and felt responsive. Then, I asked for canter, cantering on the circle, around the arena, then back to the circle again. I tried getting her to canter on the left lead, and she responded correctly.

 I also tried Training Level Test 2, which I have not done before, on her. Unlike Test 3, which contains several loops, this test consists mostly of several diagonals. Rather than heading left, I tracked left, then made a 20 meter circle at B, riding across the diagonal to M once I reached K. Between C and H I cantered left, rode a 20 meter circle at E, then between E and I returned Moe to the trot. I rode a 20 meter stretchy circle at a, and then between A and F I went to the walk. I rode a free walk FXM loop, then at C trotted. At E I circled left, and at F rode across to H, canter right at C.  I circled right at B, returned to trot, then went down centerline.

 The test went well, except Moe didn't pick up the left lead for the first canter part. Afterward I hacked her around the property for the last time. I had a great ride, but it was a bit sad to be leaving that wonderful place fore the last time. The new places seem pretty nice, and the one where the lessons horses are going has a monthly schooling show, so it will be a nice place to do my first show. My first lesson will be on the 20th of October, after everything settles down.
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  1. You guys are looking really good!

  2. sounds like a very positive final ride. it can be sad to leave a barn you like so much, but hopefully the new barns will be even better! and the shows sound fun :)

    1. Thanks! I hope so too. They seem like good places.

  3. On to new adventures! Hope it will be fantastic for you.

  4. Oh, I love horseback riding too! Amazing photos.

  5. Sounds like a good final lesson at that facility. You have lots of pictures and fond memories of that place. =)


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