Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Review: Roma Sheepskin All Purpose Saddle Pad

 Since I started riding Chester, I had to try out different saddle pads to find one that fit without slipping during the ride. Slipping saddles and pads can be uncomfortable for Chester and really any horse, so finding a good pad is important. Chester gets irritated and grouchy when his pad doesn't fit properly, making him harder to ride, which is probably why I took a few spills on him. The one I ended up getting works really well. It is the Roma Sheepskin Saddle Pad, a product that I am very pleased with. It fits Chester perfectly, and the saddle doesn't slip at all when I ride in it. Chester is very happy when I ride with it.

 I got the product for $72.00(it has gone up a bit since then) through Stateline Tack and I'd say it is worth the money. It is of good quality, the sheepskin underneath it is soft, and the pad seems to be comfortable for Chester. The pad even has some sheepskin on the part that goes right in front of the pommel, making it easy to align with the saddle to put it on well. Another plus is that the pad is just the right thickness; not too thick or too thin.

This is how it looks like when on Chester.

It looks nice with the saddle and I love the product. I would recommend it to others looking for a good quality sheepskin pad at a decent price.

Note: I am in no way compensated by Stateline Tack or Roma for writing this post. These are my own thoughts on the product.


  1. i'm new to all this horse tack and whatnot. does the sheep skin underside help with slipping more than one that doesn't have it? i am getting kind of sick of the sweaty cotton one that is standard. though...i bet it's easier to clean than a sheepskin one?

    1. I'm not sure if sheepskin helps with the slipping, but I do know that sheepskin is supposed to keep the horse's back cooler in summer and warm in winter. It doesn't seem to get too dirty easily other than getting hair on it.


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