Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wasn't Doing My Best

 I had a riding lesson on Ginger Saturday. It was a little overcast, but not chilly. After grooming her and picking her hooves, I applied hoof dressing, then tacked her and brought her to the riding arena. Many of the  jump poles had been moved outside of the arena, and only four remained.

 I mounted Ginger and rode her at the walk around the arena, doing walk-halt transitions to warm up. Then I rode her over to a set of four walk poles nearby one of the long sides of the arena, circling to the left. I went over them a couple times before Meghan told to go over them at the trot. She adjusted them while I rode around the circle so I could trot over them.

 I didn't feel like I was doing my best for that lesson. My legs were not as solid as usually, and I was gripping with my knees rather than my calves. I think it might have to do with being a bit tired that day. Good thing Ginger was being nice for that lesson without bucking and only refusing to go from walk to trot a couple of times.

 I continued trotting on the circle on going over the set of poles for the rest of the lesson, changing directions a couple of time throughout the lesson by making a U-turn after going over the poles and heading back over, turning in the opposite direction after going over them.

 At the end of the lesson, I rode the loop that went around the barn and nearby pasture. Afterward, I dismounted in front of the barn, untacked Ginger, brushed her and picked her hooves, then returned her to her corral, which was attached to a paddock.


  1. We all have our off days, I wouldn't worry!

    1. I'm not too concerned. Next time I'll probably do better.

  2. We all have "off" days but it still sounds like it went well.


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