Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lone Oak Rescue

 I forgot to write about this earlier, but last week I went to a local horse rescue just to check it out. There were several horses there, many of which had once been handled incorrectly and sent to the auction. That's when the Lone Oak rescue came. They purchased some the horses in hopes of rehoming them. I got to help out a bit, mucking a stall and even working with a pretty bay head-shy filly(about two I think) named Serene.  She was supposedly halter broke, but Patricia, who volunteered there, soon found that the horse was actually scared of having a halter on. I worked on desensitizing her face by stroking it.

 Later, I got to ride a cream colored Missouri Fox Trotter stallion(I think his name was Ardinis)for a few minutes. I was riding in a Western saddle and a hackamore, which I was not used to. Everything was just so different from English riding. The tack was different, and I didn't get the same feel of the horse as I do in an English saddle. It was a fun experience, though, because I got to try out the fox-trot---a smooth trot---before getting off.

 Earlier today, I returned to the rescue to help out by mucking a few stalls and grooming a fluffy chestnut gelding named Teddy. I used a rope halter for the first time and helped his fluffy winter coat to shed out using a shedding blade. His hair came out in large tufts. When I was done, his coat was less fluffy, but he is not quite done shedding yet. Hopefully I can get out there again some time.

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