Wednesday, January 22, 2014


 I found this fun favorite quiz from Viva Carlos, so I decided I would love to participate so you can learn more about me.

Breeches: I have only used one pair of breeches, which I got from Dover, so I don't have anything to compare it to.
Footwear: I love my Saxon paddock boots.
Comfort food: I love Mexican food, particularly soft tacos, with fish tacos and breakfast tacos(with eggs and taco meat) being my favorites. Also, I like Bejieng beef, though there really is not any food I dislike.
Online personality: I'm pretty much the same person online as I am in real life. I love to share what I know with people and enjoy making friends.
Movie: Narrowing it down to just a few is hard, but I love Secretariat and Seabiscuit.
TV show: My all-time favorite is X-Files. I also enjoy watching both the Original series of Star Trek and the Next Generation, as well as the Yu-Gi-Oh.
Magazine: Horse Illustrated
Book: This may be strange, but I really enjoy reading non-fiction horse care and training books, such as the Original Horse Bible by Sharon Biggs and Beyond the Track by Anne Ford.
I want to watch this in person and someday compete.

Vacation destination: I would love to go on a horse vacation someday, such riding through Iceland on an Icelandic pony or watching the Lippizaners or the WEG. Of places I have visited, I enjoyed Hawaii.
City: I don't really have a favorite city.
Place to ride: I've only ridden at one place, the barn I ride in, but it would be cool to ride somewhere exotic.
Place to shop: I actually buy most of my stuff through Amazon. Books, movies, etc.
Type of restaurant: Mexican.
Non-horsey hobby: When not doing horse related things, I usually draw, read, blog, and play Yu-gi-oh, a popular trading card game.
Things to do with your family: I love playing the Star Trek Deck Building game, which my family does together.
Things to do with friends: I love sleepovers!
Memory in saddle: My first ride or my most recent ride, since I felt accomplished after improve my control of Reno, who was energetic the whole lesson.
Part of course to ride: I have not ridden any course, but I did to dressage serpetines, which were fun.
Type of horse: Sport horses, particularly Thoroughbreds, are my favorite.

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