Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paso Fino

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The Paso Fino(Paso Fino means "fine step") is an incredible horse. They are definitely unique because of their special, natural gaits, and they do have a long history. In fact, their ancestors date back to the early 1500s.

 Back in the 1500s, when people from almost every country began to settle the New World, Spanish conquistadors brought horses with them to Santo Domingo(which is in the Dominican Republic). The horses  that came with them include Barbs, Andalusians, and the now extinct Spanish Jennet. The Paso Fino's unique gait, a key trait in the breed, is believed to have come from the Jennets.

  Only in the 1940s did Americans finally begin to import the unique horse from Columbia and Puerto Rican. After years of selectively breeding the finest horses in the group, a new, even better horse was created: the American Paso Fino.

 Today, the Paso Fino is recognized for its smooth gait and for how surefooted it is. Because of these traits, in conjunction with its stamina, speed, and agility, it also excels in endurance competitions, barrel racing, and pole bending. Furthermore, it has a wonderful gait unique to its breed.

 In shows, riders must ride their horses on long, wooden boards known as sounding boards. The judges listen carefully for the breed's hallmark, which is a rhythmic, four-beat gait, and judge the horses and riders by how evenly spaced the beats are.

 There are three versions of the Paso Fino's gait. The slowest, known as the Classic Fino, includes a short stride and rapid footfalls. The Paso Corto is unhurried involves slightly longer strides. Finally, the fastest gait, Paso Largo, has long strides and is not very collected.

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 However, the most prominent trait, in my opinion, is temperament. The Paso Fino is a people loving horse, full of spirit and eager to please. Even when riding the horse, you will find that it is reliable, consistent, and responsive to your commands. That is what makes a great horse, not anything else.

Paso Finos are all-round horses, great for competitions or just for riding. They are friendly and great around all people.

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