Sunday, March 15, 2015

Two-Point Practice and a Hack

 Thursday was another fun day. Laura taught a lesson to a woman with a gorgeous buckskin Quarter horse named Keystone, so I helped her set up some ground poles for that and also tacked up BB for her to ride and demonstrate if needed. While Laura was teaching, I rode Lucky on my own around the property like I had done last time.

 While riding, I worked mostly on my two pint position. Every time I was riding over flat or uphill ground, I rose into my two-point. I was able to hold it for quite a while and didn't have to sit back down until I reached a downhill slope. Laura was teaching in arena next to the dressage one, so when I rode through it and stood up into my two point, she watched. She said my position looked good! I just needed to bend my elbows and lean more forward, but it was otherwise balanced. I fixed that and held my position through the arena, turning right to pass the round pen and up the steep hill by it. 

Sacrum float on Dyna
 I continued riding until after Laura was done with the lesson and was riding with the woman she had taught out of the arena. Since Laura and Keystone's owner are working on getting him more relaxed, I went to the arena to canter while they trail rode.  I cantered Lucky to the left around the arena, then left the arena and rode around the property one more time. I cantered a bit more, then began cooling Lucky out.
What went well:
  • My two-point position was really good and correct
  • I'm gaining more riding muscles to hold my position longer
 Loni, an friend of Laura's who is and equine bodyworker, was also there, working on the mules to relieve tension in the body. Something that she showed me how to done was the sacrum float. By putting her hand under the tail, right below where it connects to the body, and just barely moving it up and down, she relieved tension in the sacrum. It was really interesting to watch!


  1. body work is really interesting to me - and my mare seems to like it...but i'm always hesitant to try it myself!

    1. Yeah it is! It's amazing how much horses love it.


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